The Bitcoin Poker Experiment

+ 100% Free + No Downloads, No Deposits + Earn Bitcoin Every Hand +

Every hand you play in our browser-based Bitcoin Themed Poker Room (no downloads!), whether you win the hand or lose the hand, you will earn some FREE Bitcoin! (And you don’t even have to know how to play, just click and earn!) Details Below

+ Freeroll Tournaments with BTC prizes Every 10 Minutes +

Win More Bitcoin For Free! Details Below

+ No Registration Required +

Once inside, click “Guest Session” to start playing poker immediately! Details Below

+ Browser-Based Poker Room +

Play real poker with real people on any device! Details Below

Play Real Poker Now and Start Earning FREE Bitcoin!


+ Goal & Purpose of The Bitcoin Poker Experiment +

The mission is to spread Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency wealth.

This program is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have enough money to get started in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies or anyone who does not want to use their own money to buy Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies.

The aim is to possibly change people’s lives who won’t, or can’t, get into Cryptocurrencies and give Bitcoin a try. This could be the perfect opportunity for you to get started.

Join the community for free in seconds. Then, every hand you play, win or lose, you will earn a small amount of Bitcoin. (You don’t have to know how to play, just click and earn!) And every 10 minutes, there are Freeroll Tournaments that pay out various Bitcoin prizes to the players who last the longest.

The Bitcoin being given away comes from ad revenue generated on this site.

(Be sure to support our sponsors so we can give away even MORE Bitcoin!)

+ The Team Wokka Bonus Fund +

This is a special pool of prizes set aside for the Freerollers who earn access (or WIN access) to special tournaments and games. The fund will grow with every hand that every person plays in ring games and tournaments.

+ How to earn Bitcoin +

Just join our community and start playing! Every hand you play, win or lose, will earn you a small amount of Bitcoin. Before you know it, you will have earned enough to cash out. Within 24 hours of cashing out, your earnings will be sent to the Bitcoin Wallet address you provide. Then just let that Bitcoin sit in your wallet, and it will grow over time as the Bitcoin market price grows. Then keep playing here to add on more Bitcoin!

All for free while having fun playing poker.

*** The more revenue earned from ads on this site, the more Bitcoin you could win in the tournaments and earn from each hand you play. The goal is to give away as much Bitcoin as possible in the future. Prizes are smaller now because this is only the beginning!

+ How to win more Bitcoin +

Every 10 minutes, there are Freeroll Tournaments that pay out various Bitcoin prizes to the players that last the longest. This is a great way to win way more Bitcoin than what you earn for each hand. All we ask is that you support our sponsors as much as you’d like by watching their videos and clicking their ads to check out their services. No obligation to buy their product, just learn what they have to offer and keep playing!

+ Full Transparency +

Willy Wokka will document all the action of The Bitcoin Poker Experiment via the Team Wokka Facebook Group and Willy Wokka’s Youtube Channel. Tournament Results, Bitcoin Payouts & more will be regularly disclosed in order to show all users, current and potential, that The Bitcoin Poker Experiment is a legit opportunity to get into Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies for FREE!

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